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Parent Reviews

Below are a few reviews from parents who’s children have attended Shekinah Preschool.

Thank you for all the guidance, love and support you have given my son and family. Not just a nursery a second home. We can’t thank you enough and will miss each and everyone of you. You have provided him with so much knowledge and love and played a huge part in the happy monster he has become…..

My son has been at Shekinah for two years. I can highly recommend it as a caring and nurturing place for a young child. He struggled to settle at first but with the willingness of the Shekinah team to try different things  to  help him and show endless patience and care for him has meant he has had a positive and happy time. I am convinced this has prepared him well for starting school.

Shekinah has been a fantastic preschool for our twins. They have always looked forward to the days they spend there. The pastrol care has been outstanding, and we have total confidence in leaving our children in their care. We have all made great friends and memories during our time at Shekinah. We will miss the staff greatly but know that the confidence and life skills they have instilled in our children will help their transition into ‘big school’ and beyond.

It has always been a pleasure bringing my son to Shekinah and thank you for nurturing him, helping him develop and looking after him so well.

Thank you for everything you have done to help support my son over the last two years. He has been so happy at Shekinah and his confidence has really grown. He is ready for school but I know he will miss you all, thank you for preparing him. We will miss you all, keep doing what you are all so good at.

August 2018

Leaving my son for the first time at Shekinah, I was so happy with all of the fantastic staff, they made me feel so comfortable about leaving him

He absolutely loves it and amazes me every time I pick him up with all his artwork and stories of all the things the staff teach and do with the children.

He has thrived at Shekinah and I am very sad to say goodbye this summer. Thank you so much. Its like one big family who my son completely adores.

August 2017

My son has been going to Shekinah for two years now. He has made lots of friends and the staff have been amazing. He has to wear an eye patch to try and correct a stigmatism, he will not do this at home but with the encouragement from the staff at Shekinah he has been wearing it at preschool and it has improved drastically – I can not thank them enough for their support and dedication.

August 2017

The people at Shekinah playgroup create a caring, nurturing environment in which both my children have been happy in and have flourished

There has been consistency of staff there over many years, bringing stability maturity and a common sense approach to the children’s welfare.  Activities are varied and time is structured to allow for active play through to sharing books together.

My children have always brought home something creative that they have made that morning and I feel that my children have been assisted to achieve their full potential.  My three year old son was very proud of the Father’s day card he recently made at Shekinah in which he had been able to sign his own name for the first time.

Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Nativity play at Christmas which is an absolute joy to watch, and recently we enjoyed the Shekinah annual outing to Spring Barn Farm where everybody both mums Dads and children had a lot of fun.

August 2016

Both my kids went to Shekinah, they went to other playgroups too, but Shekinah is the one we eventually settled on.

My girls are 7 and 5 now. They still talk about Shekinah about once a week. Even the 7 year old. We all loved Shekinah and it will always be the place my girls got a really special start in life.

Other nurseries may have huge gardens, or expensive play equipment, but Shekinah has a lot of love. The nicest women in the world run this nursery.

My girls are lovely well rounded, funny (hilarious!) empathic kids. I put a large part of this down to the fact that they were nurtured and laughed with at Shekinah. They had a lot of fun there!

Shekinah =” really REALLY great people looking after your kids.”

Thank you for always making Shekinah a loving caring environment for parents and children. 

August 2016